Saturday, 22 July 2017

Paul & Joe Fall 2017 Base Makeup and Isetan Shinjuku Exclusive

Paul & Joe will release its new Liquid Foundation (4500yen) and Pressed Face Powder (4000yen for refill, 1500yen for case) on 1 September in Japan. The bird print case is limited edition.

There will be a special Paul & Joe Circus pop-up store at Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo from 26-31 July to mark the launch of its new lipstick line. Fans of their cat lipsticks will be pleased to know that these are finally part of the permanent line in the form of a shimmery pearlescent lipstick and a hydrating lip treatment.

There will be seven lipstick cases (1000yen each) exclusively available at this event, as well as a Lipstick Trio set (8500yen) that include a Lipstick Treatment and Lipstick N in the limited edition shades C01 and C02.

Below are exclusive gift boxes with any purchase of the Lipstick Trio.

The two tote bags below are the gifts with purchases of 10,000yen and above.

Majolica Majorca Wonder Fixer

Majolica Majorca has just released this limited edition Wonder Fixer (1200yen) makeup-setting spray exclusively at Don Quijote stores in Japan. It is formulated with rose extract and botanical sebum-absorbing ingredients to help keep skin hydrated and feeling fresh.

Maquillage Fall 2017

Maquillage will introduce this Dramatic Styling Eyes series (2800yen, 5 variations) on 21 August for Fall 2017. There are 5 variations designed to flatter the varying brown eye colors of Japanese ladies: OR303 Orange Caramel, RD606 Raspberry Mocha, BE303 Rich Cafe Latte, BR505 Chocolate Cappucino and BR707 Dark Espresso.

Pics by Voce.

There will also be four new shades of Essence Gel Rouge and a new Beauty Silhouette Mascara.

See the different looks on the Maquillage website.

Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Strobe

Maybelline continues to cater to the gradient lip trend in Asia with its new Lip Flush Bitten Strobe (1400yen) which launched on 14 July in Japan. (Last summer saw the launch of Lip Flush Bitten Lip.) There are five shades, namely OR1 Tequila Sunrise, RD02 Cassis Shine, RD01 Red Keel, PK01 Sparkling Pink and PK02 Flamingo Lady. Each is made up of a highlight color, a blend color and a pigment color.

Pic below by Oggi.

Pic below by At Cosme.

See more swatches Himemode.

Ettusais Fall 2017

Ettusais will launch this Juicy Lip-Jelly (5 shades, 1300yen) on 7 September in Japan. Pic by At Cosme.

Visee Fall 2017

Visee will release this Crystal Duo Lipstick (10 shades, 1500yen) on 21 August in Japan. The high pigmented core is surrounded by a transparent, glossy outer ring to give lips a healthy gradient color effect. The fragrance-free lipstick is formulated with squalene for hydrating effect. Pics below by Maquia.

Pics below by Visee.

There will also be two LE shades of Crayon Eye Color (1200yen) in GD7 and RD8 and a new plum brown Super Slim Gel Liner BR321 (950yen). Pics below by Voce.

Under the Visee Avant line, there will be 10 new single eyeshadows (800yen), Spot Lighting Stick (1800yen), Perfect Finish Brow (1800yen), Perfect Finish Matte (1800yen) and a Face Powder Brush #4 (1500yen).

Pic below by Maquia. See another pic here.

Esprique Fall 2017

Esprique will release its Melty Latte collection for Fall 2017 on 21 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Glow Cheek: 2 LE shades RD5 Cappucino Red (terracotta red with gold pearl) and PK6 Cherry Tea(2000yen)

2. Rouge Glace: 4 LE shades RO604 Strawberry Latte, PK812 Chai Pink, BE304 Tea Beige and RD407 Rosehip Tea (2300yen)

Pics below by Maquia.

Also launching on 21 August is the CC Base Moist, which will also be available as part of a LE kit, and as a deluxe mini size that can last up to one month. There will also be a LE kit featuring the Pure Skin Pact UV powder foundation with deluxe minis of the CC Base Moist and a LE foundation case.

For Summer 2017, Esprique released 4 LE marble eyeshadows, a new Gel Liquid Eyeliner in 3 shades, Gel Pencil Eyeliner in 2 permanent shades and 2 LE shades. You can see the collection here.

Suqqu New Skincare

Suqqu will launch its new Moisture Hydro Lotion (8000yen, 200ml) and Moisture Serum Cream (15000yen, 30g) for dry skintypes on 6 October in Japan. Pic by Voce.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Kate Fall 2017

Kate will launch its Fall 2017 collection on 1 August in Japan.

It's a massive one comprising the following:

1. Brown Shade Eyes N: 6 variations. You can see swatches here. (1200yen)

2.CC Lip & Cheek Cream N SPF10 PA+: 2 shades (700yen)

3. CC Lip Oil: 3 shades in 01 Red Spice, 02 Trans Pink and 03 Sheer Yellow. Performs five functions of moisturising, color-correcting, plumping, gloss and lipstick base. (920yen)

4. CC Lip Cream N Tint 06 Mode Pink SPF9 PA+ (400yen)

5. CC Lip Cream N 04 Orange Burst and 07 Grace Pink (400yen)

6. Slim Create Powder N: 2 variations EX1 Natural Type and EX2 Glow Type (1300yen)

7. Smooth Eyeliner Pencil BK (600yen)

8. Soft Black Liner BK (800yen)

9. Color Highvision Rouge: Hydrating matte finish (1200yen, 10 shades)

10. 3D Parts Designer (1200yen)

11. 3D Contrasting Cheeks: 4 variations (1500yen)

12. Water In Oil BB SPF20 PA++ (1400yen, 3 shades)

13. Secret Skin CC Base Zero SPF30 PA++ in Green (1000yen)

Pic below by Voce.

Pics below by Maquia.